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hello i am Anthony, most call me Axel, i'm a teenager who makes flash animations, art, and games sometimes, i live in the US with my parents and my brother who i love

Anthony @AnarchyAxel


school is gay


i live in america

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im not animating anymore and its your fault

Posted by AnarchyAxel - February 25th, 2020

ive said "include good criticism" in all of my animations and no one has done that

so all i have to say is fuck you

fuck you for not giving good reviews

good ratings at all

and no support

well some cool people have but still

i might leave this site too and its your fault

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I criticized one of your pictures. I hope it was good enough to have you stay. I couldn't view your videos on my device

thanks, doesnt mean ill return

@ZebraHumor It’s probably a phone you’re using. you need Flash Player and phones don’t support Flash player


Axel is that type of guy to animate something and not finish it. But if he does finish it, it always looks rushed and a bad. His art style isn't really appealing to the eyes either, like.. where's the necks? Regular art takes about 30 minutes. Axel's drawings literally take 5 minutes, like once he made fan art for one of his friends, it looked rushed and traced. Also he should've expected to get a bit of bad criticism cause he puts his age in his bio. Also I know this guy and I've been subbed to him on YouTube since he had 380 subscribers. =D

while all the things you said is true
the old walk cycles for that one MUGEN character took an hour, the artstyle could use some work, i have tried to do necks but they look bad, someday i will do necks
my art sometimes will take longer, the art wasnt rushed but traced, which i dont do often, ive been considering on removing my age from my bio

other than that, thank you for the good criticism
it helps out so i can improve

Look mate, you need to be able to digest all the bad stuff too and deal with whatever cards you got. If you cant handle it, stay off.

@Ratcaller How do you know if they have cards?

@stevetheanimator It was a parallel for whatever scenario youve got yourself in

@Ratcaller .

@stevetheanimator Yes

@Ratcaller You kinda went off topic in one sentence. One of the first half of the sentence was about digesting the bad stuff and the second half was cards.

@stevetheanimator I mean, thats... its not about cards dude

@Ratcaller It is. You said “what cards you get.” Lol